Mor Dior Bamba

Mor Dior is a prince, originating from one of the most famous families of royal Griots, “Bour Guewels” of Senegal. At a very early stage in his life made himself knows as both an actor and singer. He was noticed by the Director of the Academy of Music and chosen to become lead vocalist for the local band I.N.A.S.

He stayed four years with the group sharing the stage with big names on the African music scene like, Manu Dibango, “Soul Makossa”, El Maestro Laba Sosseh, Bocana Maiga, Aicha Kone, Francois Louga and Harry Belafonte. During those exciting years he also came into contact with international artists performing in Dakar such as, Jimmy Cliff, Mick Jagger, Johnny Halliday, Burning Spear, Stevie Wonder and many others. Mor Dior Bamba is back. He is back with his band of professional musicians and female dancers.


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