Brilho de Luz Band

Brilho de Luz Band is Brazilian Portuguese for Shining Light. Brilho de Luz takes listeners on an inspirational and melodious journey with their soulful and energizing rhythms. Their original music is composed of Afro-Brazilian beats strongly influenced by the samba, pagode and frevo music of Bahia, Brazil. The nine musicians and singers of Brilho de Luz fuse their sound with reggae, funk, soul, rock, rhythm & blues and hip-hop. The lyrics of their unique songs are sung in Portuguese and English. They play a variety of Brazilian and African percussion and folkloric instruments. Brilho de Luz inspires their audience with the timbal, surdo, djembe, congas, bacurinha, biribal, electric violin, flute, saxophone, piano, bass, guitar, and traditional drum set.

A special feature of the show is a Capoeira presentation. Capoeira is an ancient Brazilian martial art. Brilho de Luz's performance also includes the choreography of Brazilian and African dancers. Brilho de Luz has brought down the house at some of New York's hottest nightclubs and restaurants. They have also electrified their fans at outdoor festivals, colleges, corporate parties and state-sponsored cultural events. Brilho de Luz invites the young and old of all cultures to connect with their positive message and dance to its passionate beats! Let Brilho de Luz shine its light upon your soul!

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