Alioune Guisse

This was the first group of its kind and the first group in Senegal dedicated to the promotion and evolution of Fulani music. In fact, Baaba Maal, the artist who inspired Alioune, made his debut as a singer in Lasli Fuuta.

Alioune’s interest in music showed at an early age. Starting in elementary school, he honed his vocal and music composition skills by performing at local schools and community ceremonies and events. In 1992, Alioune won the prestigious “Oscar des Vacances,” awarded annually to the best up-and-coming singer by Senegal's national television network.

After completing high school in 1993, Alioune attended the Senegalese National School of the Arts for three years, where he studied composition and performance of African music, both traditional and contemporary.

In 1996, Alioune formed his first band, Tim Timol, with his friends from the School of the Arts. Tim Timol brought a new flavor to the yéla sound by fusing this traditional Fulani musical style with hip-hop, rap and reggae. The band brought together a unique group of artists, including two talented female rappers, a male MC, and Alioune as the vocalist. With Tim Timol, he toured West Africa and Europe, sponsored by the Belgian International Center for Youth.

In 2000, Alioune relocated to New York City, where he joined the renowned Maimouna Keita African Dance Company as a teacher and performer. Then, in early 2004, he returned to Senegal to release his first solo album, Macha Allah (As Allah Has Willed It). This solo project is a fusion of traditional and contemporary African music, with six songs appealing to both yéla and mbalax fans. The first single from that album, “Yaye Kene La,” dedicated to mothers worldwide, went number one on Senegalese radio and TV. In 2006, the second single, “Africa Unites,” calling for unity of the African peoples, also went number one.

Alioune is proud of his Fulani and Wolof heritage and continues to sing in his native languages of Wolof and Pulaar. Currently, Alioune is again based in the U.S. with a new band, Warref (meaning Do the Right Thing). His most recent album is “Alioune Guissé,” released in 2013 by Prince Arts.  Alioune is signed with New African Production, Inc. 


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