Hamdel Lo

Hamdel was born in a very popular part of Dakar (Senegal, West Africa), HLM, crossroads of all creative impulses of the capital city. In his early teens, he became involved in music with his natural talent in singing and percussion. Inspired by his peers, Hamdel decided to leave high school and attend the school of Arts in Dakar where he spent two years learning the basics of music.

After attending the school of Arts, Hamdel himself joined the mythic band of HLM Ceddo in 1996, formed by young Dakarians who tried to rehabilitate the African cultural values through their music. Hamdel explored, as a lead singer, different musical genres: Mbalax (Senegalese pop music), and Afro-music which is an exuberant synthesis of sounds from various origins (African, Afro-Caribbean, and Western Pop music).
With the group Ceddo, Hamdel recorded three albums Sangul (1996), Douwess (1998) and Kogne Bi (2002); and one album live 10th anniversary Sorano (2005). They were all hit records that made it on the Senegalese Musical Chart. After 10 years with the group Ceddo, Hamdel went on to launch his solo career and form his own group, Super Ceddo in 2007. The new shift in his career hasn’t changed him and he is still holding to his musical roots which make him one of the most versatile singers in his native country. With his first album solo on the way, Hamdel intends to bring a fresh new style of music. The new album will reflect the many influences in his life from the 10 years spent with Ceddo until now.

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