Alioune Mbaye Nder

Summer 1999: the song "Pansement" by Alioune Mbaye Nder & Le Setsima Group has hit the airwaves, and can be heard non-stop on all FM stations and in discotheques throughout Senegal.

"Pansement" (i.e. "bandage") is the story of a husband who desperately tries to get his angry wife to pardon him and thus end the conjugal "strike" ... These are the vignettes of daily life that Nder sings about in the vibrant mbalax style, which over the past five years have won him enormous popularity.

A dancer and percussionist in his youth, Alioune began his singing career in 1991 with the group Lemzo Diamono, for which he became lead vocal two years later. In 1995 Nder left Lemzo Diamano to form his own band, Le Setsima Group. Release in December, his first solo cassette (entitled "Aduna") immediately thrust the new group under the spotlight.

Since "Aduna." each new cassette has reinforced the popularity of this modern griot: "Leneen" in 1997, "Aladji" in 1998, "Pansement" in 1999, "Super Thiof" in 2000, "Live Anniversaire" in two volumes, have all hit the top of the national charts. His newest cassette, "Lu Tax? ", released in December 2001, has already been a major success.

Nder's amazing voice and charismatic presence always captivates his audience, as do his intricate dance moves. He gives his all on stage, creating songs highlighted by his youthful energy and infectious rhythms of his musicians. Nder has enormous respect for his fans, which he always strives to please. Nder's title songs always end up creating new fads or new dance steps which spread like wildfire throughout the discotheques and the streets of Dakar.

Already one of the most sought-after bands in his home country, Nder & Le Setsima Group have already taken their talent to the international scene, touring extensively throughout Europe and North America. Their international appearances have proved Setsima's extraordinary vitality on stage. Every one of their concerts is a veritable spectacle, giving the Senegalese diaspora the opportunity to share the joys of mbalax with the rest of the world.

Ambassador of the school Senegalese Ambassador Amnesty International to combat violence against women, best artist at the last black African music awards in the benign, Ambassador of Peace 'Federation For World Peace "

Alioune Mbaye Nder, is a popular artist: to give the best of himself on stage, creating songs whose melodies and rhythms fall in the districts comply with its fan's are all priorities that the artist takes over his career. Because the tubes Nder are always accompanied by a new attitude, a new "gimmick" or a dance steps immediately reflected in all the clubs and streets of the country.

Nder et le Setsima Group exported very well today its output abroad (Central Park Summerstage in New York, Washington Africafest, games of la Francophonie in Ottawa International Jazz Festival of Montreal, Festival d ' Summer Quebec, the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, Sfinks, coffee and Color Esperanza in Belgium, Dunya Festival in Holland, Pirineos Del Sur in Spain, Stockholm, Paris, Germany, United Kingdom, Womex…) showed the extraordinary vitality Setsima the stage. He had to share the stage with artists from various retailers such as: Tracy Chapman, Césaria Evora, Salif Keita, Youssou Ndour, Alpha Blondy, James Brown…

Alioune is not only a good singer, it's still him, which brings together 30 artists from Senegal at the death of the moderator Eva Mbaye famous radio host Senegal in a final tribute.  Do not pass up the opportunity to discover the live music of this accomplished Senegalese talent.

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